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The Testament of  Finn or Finn's Legacy

Author - Orlov Igor Leonidovich ( )
Translation - Elena Fedorenko ( )

A screenplay for a full length feature film based on fairy tales of A.S.  Pushkin and the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila"

"Never betray a Mother, who has given birth to you."

Voice of the narrator :
"Affairs of bygone days, Cases of  ancient times


Naked, northern, stern edge, open spaces, hills, the sea, but everything is very beautiful, although wildly. We see a herd of sheep and a very young Shepherd - it's Finn. He returns with the herd to the village. He is joyfully welcomed, the village is very simple, the people are simple, but beautiful. There is also one that will become the White Queen in the future. She is young and fervent. She smiles at Finn. Blackout.
Next picture. Finn, already a little grown up on Lodja, along with other warriors swims into the sea. Among the soldiers there is also one who will be the High Priest in the future. He too is young. They land on the shore and attack the village. Battle. They win. They return home with prey. This is the city and people have changed a little - they are dressed richer, brighter. They meet the winners joyfully, they make a feast. Blackout.
Finn on the seashore, alone, sits and stares into the distance, beyond the horizon.
Next picture. Finn is already the one whom we will see later, and the one who will later be the High Priest approaches the Cave, near which there are several Magi - men and women in white linen robes, with staffs, although the hair and beards are gray, the faces are not all old . Both bow to him, and the Magi enter both inside the cave and they are in a different dimension. When Finn entered there, he suddenly remained alone. Here everything is fluid and unsteady - nothing stands still, everything flows from one to another. Here all at once something says and whispers, all living and reasonable. Finn was in this place, almost perished, he was almost dragged out to Earth, he almost disappeared into the Water, he was nearly blown away by the Wind. But he sat down in Padmasana, gathered, concentrated, and everything began to gradually stop, the chaos ceased, everything fell into place. So he stayed for many years. And now he stretches out his hand, and the water pours into the palm of his hand. He drinks. He can control the Wind, Fire, a wave of a finger to cause the swing of the forest as from the wind. But this is only the beginning.
Next picture - he sits in a cave and studies scrolls.
The next picture - to him as if in half-asleep is the beautiful Shamahanskaya Tsarina - she is in a half-light, but looks very attractive. He looks at her with lust.
Next picture. Finn at night, in an open space under the starry sky, creates spells. Behind his actions, secretly observes the one who will be the High Priest. The spells begin to act, and from the obscure fog appears the Shamahan Queen. She is approaching Finn, sweet music starts to play, rustles, whispers, she approaches, slightly dancing and swaying, hypnotically staring straight into Finn's eyes. He almost succumbed to hypnosis. She wraps her body around her, she is almost clinging to him for a kiss. But then Finn opened his eyes and saw through the shroud that he was embraced by a terrible old woman, who also had a few toes of her hands, toli paws! And she whispers to him in her uterine voice: "Come into my arms ... Oh dear, darling! I'm dying! "Finn began to disengage from her embraces with horror, but each of his movements led to the fact that she tightened her grip, and her face became increasingly ruthless, cold, nothing expressing the look of the Predator, and when he saw this look face to face , he saw in the depths of her pupils the cosmic distances covered with cobwebs and billions of spiders, weaving this web all over the Universe. And billions of spiders, which suck the juices out of their victims, which then become devastated like rotten leaves. It was an instant vision, but it gave Finn strength from the last forces to strain and break out of the embrace, and he fled with her uterine cry, leaving her shirt in her paws. She glared at him angrily and began to dissolve in the air. The last frame is the face of the future High Priest.

The End of the Prologue

Primary action

A simple, traditional song is heard somewhere.  A woman sings.  A Mother milks a cow. The cow is Hathor. Mother is Bella Bereginja. A boy about 7 years old sleeps. She brings milk and bread for him.  There is golden soft light everywhere. He wakes up. She hugs him. ( Arcane 21 The Universe.)

Youre such a grown up, almost an adult. It is time for you to learn about the world.

She gives him a knapsack.

Here is for the road. Go to my sister, she will take you.

They say goodbye.
Sokolko will escort you.

A  Doggie similar to husky obediently runs after the leaving boy.

Come back!

He goes, she waves him. He walks for long time along footpaths. The dog catches up with him, and then runs forward, listening and sniffing. All movements from left to right like the movements of the sun. (Arcane  22  - the Clown.)

The boy with light-brown hair and   blue eyes is dressed in the white linen.
He approaches a river. The river is slow, as if it was made of oil.
A boat floats on the river, like in this picture, but it is steered by a beautiful woman in white. This is Ino.

She docks to the shore and offers the boy to sit in the boat. He sits down, the dog remains on the shore.  For some time they both look at each other. The dog sits down and observes. Then, having convinced that all is good, dog turns and runs back home.

The boat is in the middle of the rivers.
She does speak to him, just smiles. He is a little shy, but he smiles to her back.

Do you want to row?

She asked him in the middle of the river. He nods in the answer. She gives him an oar and moves from him.
He takes an oar and starts to row. At first it is impossible for him to do so, but soon the boat is leveled and starts to go smoothly and powerfully. With every steer he feels flowing Force. They go to another side of the shore. (Arcane  1 Magician.)

He lands on the shore and, looking back, says goodbye to Ino. She smiles and waves to him back. He passes through gate this is the Yoni. ( Arcane 2 Priestess of the Source.)

He comes into this world. He is happily greeted, mostly by children and lead to the Tsarina. (Arcane 3 Empress).

This is White Arktida or Hyperborea.  They took him to the Queen. She sits in the field. Children play around her.

What a comely boy. Let me look at you.

The Tsarina has a staff in her right hand, on the top of which is rune of Life.

The tsarina is a light blond, blue-eyed woman of about 40-45 years old with soft facial features.

Clothes of children and adults are similar to ancient Greek clothes. Children wear short tunics; adults wear long ones, which are reaching to their toes. They swim naked in the river. Houses are also not Slavic, because Arktida is the native land of all Nordic people, that is why there should not be any typical Slavic style. Architecture is simple, beautiful and light.
She hugs him too, and hosts. He becomes a shepherd. Lets name him Lel. 
He lives there a spring and a summer. There is constant pleasure, songs, dancing, and gassings. People live in peace and friendship together with animals. Deer, bears, foxes, hares. Weddings are celebrated directly in woods, in the fields. All description of White Arktida occupies about 5-7 minutes of screen time. Separate scenes replace each other through short blackout.

Option. The inclusion of a pair of winter scenes, to show that it is Arktida.  Driving on a sledge, a capture of a snow fortress, burning of winter, etc.
Lel plays a flute near the lake in the wood. He is 7 years old. A camera shoots a lake panorama and returns back to Lel, now he is about 14 years old. 

He plays his flute, but now more skillfully, till the kind all Nature listen with delight. He plays, and everything sings along with him.  Suddenly he sees the Swan swimming on a smooth surface of the lake. It swims direct to the shore, slowly, but all is closer and closer. Lel continues to play. Here it has flushed, has flown to the shore and has suddenly turned back the fine girl. Lel stops playing, approaches her and takes her hand, and looks into her face.   She looks directly at his eyes, and they express only one thing -

You won't offend me?

He hugs her, and she clung to his chest and from time to time glances at him with the same mute question. He takes her hand and they joyfully run through wood to the village. He takes her to Tsarina, and she joyfully meets them. Everyone run to them to look at the fine girl. And then the wedding ceremony begins. And when the Tsarina has already put wreaths of flowers on their heads, and they were about to kiss all this Paradise has ended. During this moment there is heard howl, the war-call and on a glade is poured out by the whole Horde of soldiers. Lel is also frightened. He sees how dark shaggy armed figures pour out on the field. He turns around and sees how his Soul-bride escapes and on the move turns again to the Swan and soars up in the sky. He watches her leave. She disappears in the blue sky.

Kshatriyas warriors from the same tribe surround this world. Everybody is captured, the Tsarina too. They set fire to towers. The pogrom lasts 3-5 minutes of screen time. All gone. All this mayhem led by Priest. The priest of years 35-40 years old. He dressed in brown and black ankle-length gown. He has a small beard, fanatics face and cruel and relentless eyes. All Soldiers, even young one, have beards. Movements of soldiers and later of captives go from right to left against the Sun.

Everybody come to a court yard of the Prince. (Arcane  4 Emperor.)

The tsarina enters a hall where the Prince sits on a throne. He is a man of years 45, very strong, bearded, in armor, on shoulders a skin, a sword in a sheath. At a throne the large dog similar to a wolf sits.

He sits sprawled and cheekily looks at the associated Tsarina, who is standing in the middle of the hall.  There are some soldiers who look at her frowned with distaste.  Behind a throne on the left side there is that Priest, and from time to time he slightly tilts and whispers something to the Prince.
The tsarina angrily

How dare you, dog!

The prince
Shut up witch, your power is over!

The tsarina drew attention to the Priest

Ah, so now you are supervised by eunuchs! I see now clear from where rotten wind blows.

The Priest has lost his temper, and as if to justify before the warriors

Youre lying, witch, we are not eunuchs! We are monks, and your power as a woman, and your flesh is repulsive to us!

The tsarina

And who has given birth to you, unfortunate, you have forgotten already?

The priest doesn't know what to answer and the Prince slightly stops him.

The prince angrily 

I ordered you to stop doing magic, seditious matters did not conduct, dont wed anyone without my permission! And you continue! I ordered stop worship the Sun and the Moon, the Wind, and you still do. I ordered you to give boys in the warriors and you dont. I order you to cover nakedness in the bath, I ordered you to bath men and women separately! I ordered that Maidens should sit in their houses and wait till they will be chosen, and not to choose future husbands themselves!
The tsarina

Mad man! If the Maiden can't choose their future husbands as it was forever and ever, the people will decay and will degenerate! You attempt upon the most sacred!

The prince

Nothing will be now according to you, but according to me!

The tsarina

Think again, Prince, a wraith on you! You have no idea what trouble you are brining on yourself and other people.

The prince

To us the power of your Mother is a burden!

The tsarina
She is your mother too.

The prince

I abhor myself.

The tsarina

Then listen! The one, who refuses the Mother who has given birth to him, is Life unworthy! Here is what will come your way -  you will lose your land, like tramps will wander all over the world, a native language will forget,  you will fight with each other and spill rivers of blood, but there is more to come your women will give birth to sick children and you will live in illnesses and sufferings and as gods you will have Murderers and Cannibals whom you will feed with the souls! You all will defile the Earth, and it will rise against you, and you will disappear like

Priest loudly in the audience, provoking 

She puts a curse on you.

The tsarina
You have damned yourselves, when you have betrayed your Mother!

The prince
Will anybody stop this witch?

The Priest has imperceptibly nodded to one of the approached soldiers. It is young, years 25 soldier, with an impudent and mean look. He went to the middle of the hall, took out a sword on the move, he approached to the Tsarina, and looked back around and grinned .

The tsarina to the Prince

You won't dare!.
The soldier
Watch me.

He beheads her. The Earth has shuddered.

Everyone is shaken, including the Prince. He has already turned white, but quickly takes himself in hand.

The head of the Tsarina are wrapped in a leather bag and her body is taken away. Everything else continues as usual.

Someone shouts, pointing at the yard

And what to do with all these people? 

The prince

Separate maids from guys. Send maids to work and guys to barracks. We will quickly kick out this womans spirit out of them .


Prince, the Supreme wants to see you.

What does he want from me?

It is urgent. Time presses. You will find out everything there.

The prince, having heaved a deep sigh

Well, lets go

He doesnt want to meet with Supreme. The prince, the Priest, some soldiers take horses and go. All movements are again from the right to left. They reach the Tower. The Tower should look something like this.
All dismount. The Gate is opened and the Prince together with the Priest who has a bag with a head of the Tsarina, enter inside. The others remain outside. They appear in a gloomy hall which is shined with candles. Somewhere above there are still narrow windows of a loophole. In the middle of a hall the Throne, the Supreme Priest sits on it. He is 70 years old man with, with the severe face and, the long beard, similar to Saruman. He wears the same other priests to a black and brown mantle.
He holds a staff on top of which the rune Death is with his left hand.

Around 20 monks stand near the throne.

The Prince and the Priest stand now in front of a throne. (Arcane  5 Hierophant.)  A priest approaches to the Throne and shows Supreme a head of the Tsarina in a bag. Supreme, slightly having inclined a head, has looked and indifferently slightly waved his hand as saying to take it away. .
You have correctly done everything, Prince! Now I have one  important thing  with you.  Everybody, leave us alone!

Monks obediently disappear in lateral doors.

Come closer.

The prince approaches and, as though having sat down on one knee, from below upwards looks on Supreme.

It is necessary for you to marry, Prince.

So I have a wife, and others -

Leave them, why do you need those silly women? I have found for you the real Tsarina!

What kind of a Tsarina? 

Prince asks with mistrust and suspicion.

She has huge power, thousand kingdoms and  worlds are under her power

Is she out of this world?

The Prince asks almost in horror.

Dont be so afraid You are a soldier!

Yes, but somehow it is still scary.

You know how many enemies we have in the West and in the South and in the East, and she will give us such strength that we all the villains to the ground level.

Yes, we have lot of enemies

the Prince thoughtfully answers,

Only from where they came! It was you, when you were a soldier, the first war started.

Shut your mouth, little you know.

Insulting words you tell, Priest!

Have you forgotten how you were a mangy dog who was running in my court yard and taking pieces from my hand?

How can we remember, it is you who has the best mind and best memory

The Prince says apologizing.

So listen to the Senior and don't contradict. If you will, I will make of you a rams horn.

The Supreme continues almost in a whisper.

There is such Shamahansky Tsarina with dazzling beauty of a girl, tall, slim, white If you marry her, you will become God. Immortal!

Why dont you marry her and become Immortal God?

It is impossible for me. I cannot, I vow to give monastic.

I have some doubts 

Doubts? So we will find another one! You know, how many interested people will be only click! However you will have to take off your princely crown.

It is fine I agree to become a God, you say?

And Immortal.

When should I do it?


The prince has already turned pale .

The Prince hung.

Well, lets do it.
We will go through Nav.

The Supreme says, rising from the Throne and taking out a torch from a wall.

They come behind the throne from left, there, in the depth of darkness the low door. The Supreme approaches it and knocks on it with bottom end of staff and it opens.   The Supreme slopes and passes first, followed by the Prince.

The door closes and they go down the steps on the long tunnel. Supreme ahead, illuminating the path with a torch, the prince with fear behind him.

There is dead silence around. When came down, around at first began to fly bats which the Prince waved away with a sword, further-more, in the dark on both sides of a low track, on which they are   bodies, further  the coils of snake-body, then a continuous carpet of swarming insects, and then even lower generally incomprehensible, scary creatures with tentacles and suckers, slimy and disgusting.

The go down for long time, then begins the ascent up.  Then they find themselves in a sort of white mist, and suddenly such picture opens in front of them: 
And between high mountains,
They see silk tent.
All in the miracle silence..
Where we?
- the Prince asks shy.

In other world. Do what I say. Lets go!

They start to come nearer the Tent.

Suddenly the tent was thrown open and Shamahanskaya Tsaritza, all shining like the dawn, quietly met the Prince. As the night before the sun bird, the Prince was silent, staring into her eyes


The Supreme sends the Prince and the Prince uncertainly starts to come nearer to the Shamahansky Tsarina. The video camera is behind him he is like a shade against bright light. When he has come nearer, the Shamahanskaya Ttsaritsa:

She has smiled and with bow
She took his hand
And take him to the tent.
There she invited him to the table,
With kind of food treated;
Has him laid to have a rest
On a brocaded bed .
The Shamahanskaya Tsarina of uncertain color, but not a brunette; she is bright, tall. She moves a little strange above the princes head, swaying, her smile is artificial, dressed in the lilac. On a head a diadem, on hands bracelets. Arcane 6 Enamored.

She has set him at a table with a bow, poured a cup wine, suggested various overseas dishes, but all in silence. The atmosphere is mysterious.

The prince in a whisper

Why is she all the time silent?

A priest
Probably she doesnt know how speak our language. Dont be afraid!

The prince drank some wine, tasted the dishes and relaxed looked around him, everything started singing, ringing, some delightful sounds; some mysterious rustles are carried.

The Prince became more cheerful, began to look more safely at the Tsarina. A priest stands nearby and eats nothing and doesn't drink. The Prince likes such disposition hes all the time to grovel the Priest, and now he stands beside him like a servant.
She beckoned the Prince again - this time on a brocaded canopy bed. He sat down to her and she is near him. He was quite enchanted, intoxicated. Magic music was heard. Everything in his eyes became floating.


He looks through a veil on her, she is already standing in front of him, and he feels that she starts growing new hands, but he drives away the delusion. She beckons him again and this time to the throne, which stands in recess tent. She brings him to the throne and makes him sit on it.

He sits down and it seems to him like he is becoming The Master of the Universe. She comes back and gets behind the throne and suddenly begins to turn to a giant spider. But the Prince does not see it, only the Priest.

When she becomes half the Woman, half the Spider, she starts to twist the Prince with a web. He is only now horrified to fund this position he cannot move anymore!

Priest! What is it? Whats wrong with me?

You become God, as I promised

- the Priest answers him with a grin.

Spider towers over him behind and bites sting in his head and starts to drink the brain.
The prince gradually turns grey, his sight becomes glassy, but he does not die. Suddenly, from behind and rustle of the curtain, at the bottom of the tent there is some more half-dead, semi mechanical reptile, like an octopus with long black hoses and it starts to stick to all charkas, on a body, on hands and feet, on a head.

As a result what was the Prince is entangled in the black hose, main of which goes in the darkness behind the curtain tent. The hose out of the darkness begin to creep out the hordes of spider and begin to spin a web, very fast and gradually expanding its covering more space.
The female spider turns again into the Tsarina. She pulls out from the depths of the Tent shiny conical hat, which is also behind the hose, leaving behind a curtain and mounts it on the head of motionless Prince. A bright star is burning brightly on his forehead.

Heres to you the All-Seeing Eye, hubby.

She says in a sepulchral voice. It is understandable why she has so far remained silent. She speaks with a little accent.

You did everything right, Priest, I will thank you. Have you got rid of that local woman who impudently declared herself a goddess?

From her sister.

The Tsarina threateningly

What? Job should be done, as ordered!

Excuse me.

I will forgive, when you will subordinate to my power this entire little world.

We have little strengths and a lot of enemies.

I will give you the Force but it will be necessary to pay for it. Are you ready?


Souls will be the Payment. Your human Souls are very nutritious!

The Priest becomes grey and lowers his head.

I obey.

Here is my creation.

She gives him a sack with some roundels, each with Pentagram.

What is it?

Seeds.  Seed these seeds in the womb of young virgins, only to have it up this untouched. Grow out of them soldiers, loyal to me and you and crush all your enemies.

They though not very witty, but it is not necessary to soldiers to have a superior intelligence "-

Thank you, the sovereign!

Go back and wait for instructions!
They go outside and the Tsarina claps. There is a chariot harnessed by the Dragon. A priest sits down in it, and the chariot shoots up and carried away to the left, into the fog Arcane 7 Charioteer.

The tsarina comes back to the Tent, indifferently passes by the Throne with Prince, and pushes the curtain at the bottom and hiding there. Silence. Only busily scurrying spiders on hoses. Spiders the size of a palm.  The video camera begins to pull off back, showing all system devices.

The shot outside of the Tent the camera zooms out, you first see the throne and Prince, then only visible the All-seeing Eye which sparkles from a triangular trench, and from it in different directions with great speed begins to expand the web, which covers the entire Earth. This tent is on top of the North Pole of the Earth and hangs above it.
Gloomy, cold, foggy morning. Near the forest is a long, gloomy one-story house with a sloping roof, the low windows. Boys are sleeping inside the house. They sleep on beds, lie in a row, all have the same blankets.

Two soldiers enter into barracks one senior 40 years old, another young about 20 years old. What, have you mommy remember? Have languished? Run! The boys fall out in a crowd on the street and lined up in discordant ranks. All of them boys 12 15 years old.

Lel is also among them. The young soldier walks in front of rows and roughly pushed the boys, lining the system. The old soldier faces a system.

How many times should I teach you, blockheads? We need soldiers, not the dancers and singers. Forget your mommies and grannies! Now you have the Heavenly Father! He sees everything and everyone will punish everyone for disobedience.
He strolls in front of the line and waves the sword.

Who will argue and does not obey, he will be up all night hanging on a pole like this one.

The video camera rotates and can be seen from the pole attached to it a boy. He is swollen from mosquito, unconscious.

The older man orders to younger one.

He approaches unties the ropes and the boy falls.

Recover him!

- the Senior orders. Two slightly older boys bring a tub with water and pour out on the guilty boy. He wakes up and begins to move but still cannot get up. The senior approaches him, takes him roughly by his chin,

Well, reptile, will you learn your lesson?

The boy with fear looks at the Soldier.

Will you argue with a senior?

He gasps.

Good... Go quickly in the end of line!

The boy rises with difficulty, limping, runs in front of a line of the ranks. Arcane 8 Justice.
There will be no breakfast. Hes the one whos responsible for it. You dont deserve it! You will have it, if you will carry out a task. The task is to go to the wood, find an animal, surround it and kill. If you execute that, you will have your meal! If not, you will remain hungry. Everybody take a spear and forth.

Boys crowd rush to the weapon which stands pyramids, take it apart. These are short spears, long as a mans height.

The young soldier:

Follow me quietly, stealthily, without noise!

And all of them, having bent down, run in woods. Movement goes from the right to the left.  They silently go making shape of a fan in woods. After a while the young soldier gives command to all to stop, stand still and listen. There is some noise is heard ahead in the woods.
The soldier gives the team signs to bypass the left and right.  All are strained. They finally made their way deeper and see on a small clearing a bear with a bear cub. The soldier gives a command and the first throws a spear in a mother-bear. She has begun to roar and starts to rush, but from different directions spears fly on her. And she can't escape, abandoning her young cub. The ring is compressed, she has more and more wounds, and she bleeds profusely.
She falls, she is surrounded, and the slaughter-house begins. The Soldier has predatory gambling, he hit himself the mother bear and orders boys to kill her. Some boys finish a bear cub.

Why you are not killing it?

The Soldier shouts at Lel. He stands slightly apart and with horror and tears in his eyes looking at what is happening.

That costs hardly aside and with horror and tears in the face of looks at an event.

Kill it!

Lel throws a spear at the ground and runs off to the right.

Where are you going?  Stop!!! Catch him!!!!!!!!!!

All turn around, having regained consciousness from passion of murder, see escaping Lel, and look at the soldier.

What are you looking, blockheads Catch the Traitor! .

They turn into a flock, and begin chasing through the woods. Long run. The road is narrows, because on the right and left sides are rocks.

He cannot escape!

There is really nowhere to run, because in front too steep rocky ascent. Lel in despair and utter exhaustion leans against the stone and he extended and is inside the niche.  This is his Mother saves him.

He could see everything through the gap the pursuit reached the same place.

Where is he? Did he evaporate? Thats evil!

They roam around but in vain.

Well, he will not go away, he will return or animals will eat him.

They all go away quietly.  He is still for a long time sitting in the shelter.  When twilight has already begun, he leans on a stone and it lets him out. He roams to a stream, drinks greedy.

Where to go? He is alone. Arcane 9 Hermit.

He spent the night buried in the fir trees. A morning is again foggy and cold. He woke up hungry, tired and desperate.  He wanders through the woods. Finally he comes to an open area where there is a footpath. It takes him to a crossroad.

There is city is visible from the left. You can go there. They will punish you for running away, but eventually, will feed you, and everything will be the same. He sat down at the crossroad not knowing what to do. Arcane 10 Wheel of Fortune.
He sat for a long time. Suddenly he saw a white butterfly. She sat in the middle and had rest, waving from time to time wings. He looked at her he will go where she will fly.

It has flushed and has departed to the right to woods. He followed it. He did not go for long, he caught his foot by a root and began to fall head down through a narrow dip.

The fall was not too fast, downhill, he was trying to slow down, clinging to the wall, but cannot help it. He managed to roll his head up, clinging to a root, but it broke off and he fell down completely. Arcane 12 Suspended and the 13 Death.

He fell out with a bunch of leaves and debris in a small cave, safe and sound. He stood up, shook himself, went out and looked around.

He goes, ahead of him a forest. It is mystic place. Tall pines, thick soft moss.  There is the rock ahead, a stream nearby flows, and in a rock a cave and in it light spark. Lel carefully attending to the light goes on light.

He sees a person who is bent over a book. This is Finn. A big fluffy cat is sitting next to him.  And it looks like he is reading too.  The book itself not the book, more like birch leaves, with signs.
Lel came closer and sideways trying to see the human face. He sits motionless. Cat saw Lel, gets up and stretches, lifts its tail. Suddenly, from behind appears exactly the same person. Lel turns around and sees with horror those two are identical. Moreover, from the depths of the cave comes the third one.

How did you get here, fellow?

All three look at him and Lel doesn't understand, at whom he should look, he is in extreme confusion. All three Finns start to laugh loudly. Lel sees that nothing terrible happens also smiled.
Finn is a man, 40-45 years old. He has a silver-white hair of medium length, a small beard and moustaches of the same color. He is dressed in white linen, without patterns, a shirt. He wears leather sandals with garters to a knee, as the Chinese masters of martial art. He moves easily, he is flexible.

One of Finns who came from the depth of the cave, went to another, and touched him as if he has incorporated into, the same with the second. He does it as if in passing, as usual, without any effort.

How did you get here?

Finn repeated his question.

I do not know I walked, stumbled and fell.

Really?  It is not so easy to fell in here

Where I am?

Where you should be, I guess. Each person occupies the place he deserves.

All of it is not clear for Lel.

Well, whats new in your world?  - Finn asks.

However, don't tell me, I can see all myself. Look at me!

Finn staring straight into the eyes of Lel and his merry mood changes, he grows dark.
So, -relegating last glance he says, - hence the High Priest still betrothed Black Widow Yes, dashing times, fierce

But who are you?

The Finn. It means the wizard, the magician.

-Take me in magicians.

The Finn has again burst out laughing

You want to become a magician. You dont become a magician; you have to be born one. And to be born a magician, you must first live many lives. However if you are here maybe you will fit.
Hungry? Here, eat!

The Finn puts before Lel a wooden bowl with a soup. Lel starts eating greedy.

Well, lets see whether you suit in magicians.

They climb the cliff.

It is a rock which stands out in a precipice the narrow end. A bottom it is not visible. The Finn approaches to the edge, is back on his toes, so that the heels are hanging. Lel in horror fell on his stomach and all was white and covered with clammy sweat. A Finn also makes a swallow position.

Can you repeat that?

Finn moves a bit further from the edge and let Lel to go ahead.

Lel with shivering hands and feet has crept up to the edge, has glanced downwards there abyss. But, having overcome himself has started to become straight. And just when almost straighten up, suddenly wobbled and began to fall. Finn darted and seized his hand at the last moment. He is hanging for a while.

Do you see there cloudberry grows?

Finn from above cheerfully speaks.
Lel swaying looked at the rock actually a small shrub with red berries has somehow grown at this altitude!

Lel grabbed a berry with his mouth and ate it.

Is it tasty?

Mmm" Lel could only grunted in response.

Seize the moment. Always live here and now.

If you will ride out the moment, you will live eternally

- and Finn has easily pulled him out upward.

Well, do you still want to become the magician?

yes! - Lel firmly answers.

After the endured fear, rescue and taste of a berry, he has a full catharsis.

And after all this most simple.

Further training begins. This is a series of the small episodes, taken at about same style and tempo as training Beatrix by Pai Mei a movie "Kill Bill".

They both are on the river bank.
So what is this world where we are? Asked Lel

Once upon a time the magicians have discovered that the world of dreams can be just as real as the manifested world. But the world was unstable and decayed, and each time had to be done again.

And then magicians have agreed and have decided to unite efforts and have created here this collective world of a dream.

- So  We are in a sleep? with astonishment asked Lel.
No, now this world same real as manifested, but it took 100,000 years of continuous efforts of generation of magicians.
Isn't present, now this world same real as shown, but on it was required 100 thousand years of continuous efforts of generations of magicians.

Now here every blade of grass, every insect lives its own life. And here you can also die if fall into the abyss.
Finn has smiled

In your world almost no one knows about this world, and we know everything about your world.

And where are the others?

- Here and there, doing something, busy with their own affairs, there are a lot of space here, enough for everyone, the Universe is infinite

Sometimes we meet, when it is necessary to collect Council.

And who is your chief?

Which tree is the main in this forest?

I do not know, probably none -

And we do not have a chief. There is no chief in the Universe in general and no supervisor chief.

And all of the magicians are men?
Why, there are also women. Roughly equal. We are not monks, like those in your black clothes.

For us to make Love is a science and art, so women also here.

And how to get in here?

You came here when stumbled, but you wouldn't get here if like everyone stuck the spear in the mother-bear. Your Mother sent you here.
The next episode.


And how to make twins?

Finn: Easily!

He gathers, concentrates, sharply claps, quickly rubs them and begins to trace the palms of his body from head to toe.

After 2-3 circles over the body begins to grown new body bluish when it comes solid and Finn simply stepped forward, and they became two. After a few moments they have three.

You see how easy these twins can be made. But it is necessary to incorporate all of them after.

It is not so difficult to create a twin. It is important to learn, so that your mind could be in any of them or in all of them at once.

This is called to take out a sword from a stone if you will learn to do it, you will be invulnerable. Where am I now? - The Finn has quickly asked.

Lel hesitantly pointed to one of them.

Try, stick - the Finn has offered.

Lel has stuck the Finn into a breast, and his hand fell into the chest of a twin. Lel with uncertainty poked another with the same result. He began with excitement poke all twins, but with no result. Finally Finn gathered all three in one and Lel confidently walked to it and poked. And again his hand fell into the emptiness!

There was laughter from behind. Finn sat on cut tree and laughed at him. 

I have been sitting here for long time and watched you. Well, did you understand something?
Lel hesitantly shook his head.

Well, then try!
The next episode. Two of them go through the woods. Finn passing picks up with his leg a lying stick and it is in his hands immediately turned into a formidable weapon, a staff. He made some spectacular moves with his staff and then just dropped it.

The world in which we live is dangerous and consequently, it is necessary to be always armed All weapon you need to carry with you


Others will catch you off guard when you in a bath to wash and will have nothing to defend yourself - the Finn has grinned.

But you also dont have any weapon asked Lel.

How come I do not have it? And what about this one?

And Finn from behind through the head takes a real Catania.

Lel with amazement:

How did you do it?
Finn lovingly held the sword in his hands.

Beautiful, huh? We came up with it.  A method of long tests and errors. It is perfect Sometime through some thousand years such swords they will learn to do and in your world. On one island.

He makes a few movements with the sword and throws it back in its sheath on his back and the sword disappears.

They move on. After a brief silence.

Everything in his world is matter and energy simultaneously. Living, nonliving. Your consciousness too both a matter and energy simultaneously. But you have also the will and therefore you can just create all if it just in your mind. It is necessary just to want it strongly and do not think about anything else. In your world they forgot how to do it; they decided it is easier to do everything with hands.

But what is made by hands, it then doesn't disappear anywhere. And it all - dead. And what is created by mind live, and therefore are called things prophetic

Come on, try.
And what should I do?

Imagine a sword in your hands, or better yet, think that if it won't appear now, the enemy will cut you into pieces.

Lel gathered his hands, as though he holds the handle of the sword, closed his eyes, tensed. In his hand appeared instead of the sword beam of long grass. Finn easily waved his hand with a knife and cut this beam.

For the time not bad. Lel was surprises looks at the rest of a bunch of a grass in his hands.

On the thousandth time, you will do it!

Cheered him Finn.
The next episode. Lel early in the morning is coming to the lake. There is an ideal smooth surface on the lake. He sees directly on a water smooth surface there is a Finn and rotates the energy balls that emit a small buzz. When finished, Finn has incorporated these balls and walked on water to the shore. He sees Lel.

"Walk" - the Finn offers.

Lel approaches on a planked footway to water and puts a foot on water it is naturally plunges.

Imagine that you are a feather, a pond skater bug.
Instructs Finn. Lel is concentrated in the head creates the image of feathers, carried by the wind and takes a step into the water. The water holds him!  He makes even one step further and falls into the water till his chest. Finn goes to him and hi is smiling, looking down.

Do you know why I am dry, and you are wet?

Why? -

Because my mind, as a sword, as a stone, as an arrow sharp, silent and unidirectional. And your mind as a sparrow all time skips from place to place and continuously chirps.
Next short episodes. sits in Padmasana in a cave and continuously looks at the flower image on a wall. Sparring Lel and Finn on staffs, on swords. After that Lel licks his wounds, covering with their medical leaves. Lel runs up from shore and runs along the surface of the lake, each time farther and farther, but still all times plunges into water.

Finally he stands on the water. He climbs to the very rock that stands on the edge, on one leg, hands in Namaste and closes his eyes in meditation. He was about 13-14 years old. He transformed and now he is already 18-20 years old he still stands on the rock. He opens his eyes. There is confidence and strength in his eyes.
Option:  An episode of mystical sex of Finn with Lada. Lel (now adult) and the Finn in a field are engaged in something like an aikido. All movements are light and elegant. At the edge of the field comes young woman of dazzling beauty and looks at them. She wears a short skirt-tunic, her breast is bared, hair is loose, on her head a wreath of flowers, and she wears sandals on her feet, like Greek women with garters to her knees.

Finn and Lel see her and stop. Finn What a guest we have! Let me introduce you. This is Lada.

So this is your Pupil? - she asks, bypassing Lel around and examining him.  He saw for the first time of this period a woman, an dhe is in disarray.

Yes, he was brought by the wind here, could not chase the poor fellow out.

Finn answers.

He is handsome.  She stated. .
Leave him along for now - she says almost imperiously, let him work out himself.

And she takes Finn in the woods, giving Lel a smile at parting. Lel is alone and doesnt know what to do.  He gets or rather create a sword, turns it over in his hands and pushes it back, it disappears. The beauty of Lad has amazed him.

And he decides to go after them. He quietly slips through the trees bent down. Enters the open space and sees them. Finn and Lada stand on a rock, in the sky, holding hands. Lada stands from the right. Finn wears a short Greek tunic. They together begin to fall into the abyss. Lel looks in horror. But, flying more than a half way, they soar up and freeze embraced in the air in the middle of the gorge.

Either dancing or sex begins. They reel, fly, intertwine again, faster and faster, all the frenetic Then, arm in arm, begin to slowly descend and sit in pose Padmasana on a smooth surface of mountain lake. The lake slightly starts to wave. Lada shakes in the arms of Finn, the waves diverge around the lake. On the surface of the lake are beginning to blossom pink and white lotuses. A flash of light. Blackout.
The Finn and Lel sit on the bank of a small mountain river. The small river and waterfall goes into a cave. The Finn says thoughtfully

Everything you have done so far is a toy.  And this is a real test.

To become a magician and immortal it is necessary to pass the Lower Waters. We, all who are there passed them. Although many, who have entered could not come back Once upon a time all the magicians were united. But there were those who did not want to go to the Lower Waters afraid of losing their precious personality. And that there is very simple.

Then, between us there was a split. Those who did not go the Lower Waters, were driven away. And they went the other way. They began to subjugate the people in different ways to prolong their existence through other peoples lives. The current High Priest one of them. They do not have enough of their own power, so they look for reinforcements on the side. That is why he betrothed us to the Black Widow.

And why is she called the Black Widow?

She is named like this, because she eats all of her husbands. But it is not time to talk about it. When you will go to the Lower Water it is important - do not turn around.
Look only inside yourself.

Why I should not turn around?

If you turn around, you will become a stone.

Finn said in Millyar voice.

If you turn back, you will stay in that life forever. You will forget who you were, how and where you go. You the present will disappear, and a new one will emerge, a new man who will not remember anything.

And if you dont remember anything, you will get into the network of murderers. And if the snitch your soul, you will go inside the in the earth and become a stone.

Maybe later?

It is necessary to do now! You need to do it when you have lots of strength. You cannot do you it for sure, when you become old.

And for how long should I go?
This small river runs into that lake, - the Finn has specified a lake in a valley, - if you do everything correctly, you will come up there.
Lel got up, looked around, as if saying goodbye to this world.
I am ready.

They came to the edge.

We will not say goodbye. admonished Finn.

He has deafeningly shouted and Lel ran into the water. He was briefly above the water; waterfall picked him up and carried into the black abyss.

Option. Exact reproduction of the phrase expression to Pass Fire, Water and Copper pipes.
After words There you will come out. Finn gives him the ring ropes.
You cannot pass the fiery river without it. Make it wet first.

Lel dipped a rope into the river, put on his shoulder.

We will not say goodbye! admonished Finn. He walked over the rock and pushed the stone there was the passage of the cave.

Go! - Finn has pushed him into darkness, and Lel entered the cave, looking around, he saw in daylight figure of Finn. He went down the rocks for long time. The cave widened, and he saw a continuous river of lava that crosses his path. He walked to the edge. There was intolerable heat from the lava. He went a little higher and looked out  on what to throw his lasso.
He found a suitable, the vertically standing stone on the shore, took aim and threw. He missed! He quickly began to pull the roe. It has already lit up. He had to cut the burning piece and it became shorter. He threw it one more time again, he rope slipped into the lava and literary evaporated. He cut again the burned out piece. He threw a rope for the third time and successes. He pulled the rope and attached it to this shore.

He tried pulling it and crawled there was no time for procrastination. It has already begun to soar. He crawls along the rope, the lava below was burning him so much that the shirt too, began to smolder. He works with his hands at a furious pace, and finally jumps on other bank.  And just at the same time the rope broke, in just some seconds began to burn down the ends on both sides. He has passed the fire.

He went further into the cave and soon reached an underground river. He went into the water and swam in front of the waterfalls.
He, along with a stream of water emerged in the bustling small lake, but only for a few moments, because the water has gone into an underground cave. He grabbed more air in his lungs and dived. And now he was swimming underwater in a cave. Some animals lit his path. It is still too far to swim. He rows vigorously, but the tunnel has not yet ended. He has no strength, there is not enough air.

He makes a few sharp jerks and sees a faint light at the top. He comes up in underground cave. He has passed the Water.

Everything in a sort of fog, but it is poorly lit. He swims forward slowly, and the stream becomes quieter. The water is like oil. He walks already in knee-deep water. Silence. Only a sound of drops of water can be heard. He walks for long time. He sees ahead an arch. The stream goes to it. He enters an arch.

It becomes absolutely dark but then there is a light in front of him. He goes to the light and sees a wall of arch become reddish color of red copper. He is coming to light and then next to him begin flickering faces of people, some landscapes, things change very quickly. But he firmly looks forward. There is one arch is again ahead.
He enters it and again darkness. Once again light. Again he can see faces in flash light.  Again the arch over the darkness. And so it is repeated several times. He has already lost count. This is the copper pipes. Movements began to slow down and entered into a new life, he began to see the surroundings more clearly and in detail.

First he saw the side of a womans face, so it is mother, then the mans face a father, then some houses, fields, river, some people, the soldiers on horses, slashing. And suddenly he saw a woman of extraordinary beauty. When she began to pass him, he could not stop looking at her and turned to follow her, and he was immediately kicked in this life. ht has turned after it, and it has there and then thrown out in this life.
He is already 25 years old, but his role plays the same actor. He has a different hair color, and in general a lot has changed in appearance. He stands on the shore of the lake, but different lake. He is in goog mood. He cries. Oh-oh-oh! And echo answered him. He screams again, and then he begins to sing. The song is lyrical, long, but without sadness and tragedy. He sings for long time.

Suddenly he saw floating swan on the surface of the lake. She swims directly to the shore, slowly, but getting closer and closer. He continues to sing. She took wings, flew to the shore and suddenly turned into a beautiful girl. But now she is a little older, her dress was riches than before, lots of jewelry.

He stopped singing, approached her and took her hand, looking into her eyes. And she looks at him, straight in the eyes, and they express only one Do not hurt my feelings. He hugs her My soul! And she clung to his chest and occasionally glancing at him with the same mute question.
He takes her hand and they are happily running through the woods to the village. North Russian village 16-17 centuries. He enters the village through the gate on which the cross is established. The village is dirty, so he picks her up. But no one sees her. It is his soul. He brings her into the house.

The house is prosperous, wooden, two-storied. He takes her in the room and puts on her feet. They embrace. She leaned again against his chest. It is getting dark. He starts to light lamps and candles. He is baptizes now, orthodox. When he lights a lamp in the corner, there was lit formidable face of Father of the God.
He again approached her, hugged her, but something prevents him that terrible look!
He decided to close an icon curtain in the corner according to Russian custom. As soon he approached, the wind has blown, and everything went out, there has come total darkness.

The thunder has burst, light has flashed in a fog,
The icon lamp dies away, the smoke runs,
All around in dusk, all shivers,
Ruslans soul was shivering ...
All has ceased. In terrible silence
The voice strange was distributed twice,
And someone in smoky depth
Has risen is more black a haze foggy...
And again the tower is empty and silent;
He lights the fire, the candles, but she is not there. He began to thrash and scream, but she is nowhere. He runs out to the street, looks for her, frightening overdue passers-by they think he is violent. They cross themselves and run away from him. He is running outside the village in the field. Falls to the ground and sobs.

He wonders through the night and when dawn broke, he Was at the same lake. He was thin, blackened, somehow became stooped. He went to the lake and began to try to sing, but the sounds are not the same. His voice is hoarse, it breaks. And around nothing happens only a couple of startled ducks. Flogs croak. And silence.
He again in despair falls to the ground near the shore.  He has no strength to cry. And he just scooped up some water and washed his face. The water smothered out, and he looked at his reflection. And suddenly, through reflection, he saw the Lels features! He sees sometimes image of present Lel, and another time the image of the Lel he had lost.

He begins to remember something! It shoud,l be such a moment, that you would feel goose bumps all over your body!  He begins to remember! And suddenly sees floating small water snack. He swims to the right of him. Wearing all his clothes, he enters the water and begins to swim after the small water snake.  Morning fog shrouds him, but he does not lose sight of him. The small water snake begins to swim faster; he tries to catch up with it. Suddenly near other shore the small water snake dives and disappears in the water.

He reached that place, has roamed, then took deep breath and dived.  In the depth he sees a cave under the water. He inspects it, but it is necessary to come up. He emerges, has recovered his breathing, grabbed more air, and dived again and swam to the cave, looked deep into it nothing can be seen, dark and muddy. He decided to swim further inside. ,
It is getting darker and darker. Finally complete darkness. He feels scared to swim further, because it would be difficult to come back. And he doesnt have enough air to breathe. He stopped for a moment. He thought about returning back. But then a man dies only once and frantically began to row ahead.

And suddenly it became lighter in front of him, he started swim with doubled force. He got out of the cave and sees the light at the top and the last bit of strength comes up. He is at the same lake which Finn mentioned! It is difficult and he is exhausted, the swims to the shore and crawls on the sand.

He is resting for some minutes.  And he is having an attack of happy laughter. This salvation and the realization that he is back! Suddenly he sees in front of him familiar leather shoes. He raises his head, Finn stand in front of him.

You have not returned for long time!
Lel happily, -

Do you know how much time has passed since the moment we parted?

Finn asked almost accusingly.
Twelve thousand of your Earth years.
And you have not changed, -
Lel smiled and got up.

He gets up and they hug.
I am glad, that you are back. No wonder I spend so much time tech you..

After some time they sit again on the bank of the river, but different one. Finn is thoughtful.

Lel is already have recovered. He is calm and focused.

Do you know who has stolen your soul?

He paused.
You are not the only one, whose soul was stolen.
Finn began the story.

The Black Widow put here her new Vicar.

Lets name him Chernomor. He is furious like snake. He reaps where he did not sow. I dont know where she found him, in which cosmic terrarium, but he started over zeal.

Is he a snake?

A Dragon?"- almost indifferently explained Finn.
He is bearded reptile, but here he is incarnated person, that is why almost nobody can guess him as a Lizard.

She came here with a gang of these creatures, and even here has created a legion of golems to promote her interests. High Priest now serves Chernomor. Today Chernomor for them as God.
People under his strict guidance dye like flies, but he doesnt care a flow of sould id abundant. And in the West, the Black Widow has set yet another sly fellow he trades Kingdom of Heaven. Here they also butt now with each other So many people were killed!

And you sit here and quietly watch all of this.

Lel said with bitterness.

Finns face grew stern.
There is no punishment without crime! Those who currently suffer, - they are descendants of those who killed the White Tsarina, and renounced their mother. The one, who sowed the wind, will reap the whirlwind. Never betray the Mother, who gave birth to you. For any promises, nor for any pleasure, any kingdom of heaven, even for immortality.
They sat quietly.
Lel jumped up, began to walk around.

Well, something must be done!

Yes, we need to hurry, your soul Princess is still alive, but for not for long time. He cannot take her, do you know why?

Lel looked at Finn.

He is castrated. Our boys castrated him, when he toppled from the throne of Egypt, which he captured the crime, killing Osiris!

Finn laughed.

But he can eat her, it is simple for him, he has there a whole camarilla of parasites.

Finn paused.

But you do not hesitate. Starry Wheel of Time will make its turn and those who have this carousel unwound everyone should get into its millstones.
Palace of Chernomor. First we see the same tower of the High Priest, but now it has grown to heavens and its top disappears behind clouds. The video camera promptly sweeps up toward the top. Approximately as shown in the palace of the king in the movie Stardust.

And the top as at the Ostankino television tower is expanding, and the spire on top, leaving all in the dark sky. There is a moon above, or more precisely, Tower.

There is a huge hall in the tower. It is a throne-room of Chernomor. He reclines on the Throne under a canopy bed. The throne and canopy is made with elements of the dragon body. Columns in the hall too, in the form of intertwined serpents bodies. The overall impression of the room is gloomy luxury. On the top of the hall is a socket on each of them flaming Pentagram and the Hammer and Sickle.
Everywhere brocade fabrics;
Gems play, as heat;
Censer circle golden
Give fragrant steam;
Chernomor is a bald, short, hunchbacked freak with a long black beard. There are two white curls in his beard.  He has skin of darker color, hook-nosed, swarthy. He wears a head cap with stripping Pentagram (optional pentagram on a chain is hanging on his chest.)

Option he is at the moment without a cap, he is bald. He wears a wealthy suit, but casually dressed. There are some of his negro knelt by his bed. They are wear different priestly robes (Jewish, Muslim, and Orthodox priests can be guessed in them, but it is not so obvious.)

One of them is currently just humbly combs beard of Chernomor, which lies in a wave on morocco cushion. The bone comb is shown by close up. It is obviously made of human bones. Despite the fact that the situation is relaxing, he looks at his servants with evil, suspicion and contempt.  And sometimes dont look at them at all, despising them all. A magnificent dinner is served for him.
The main course is a baked swan. Servants cut the swan and Chernomor picks pieces of it with a long fork with two teeth and put them in his mouth. Everybody with sweet slobbery smiles watching him eating.

When he finished eating, he lazily waved his hand, and dishes were put on another table and all employees are pushing each other and taking away pieces, begin to eat food with greed.  He looks at all this pushing and greed even more contemptuously.
Suddenly there is noise is heard and a Dragon is seen coming to the tower. He noisily flies in the hall.

This is a black Dragon with iron scales and when it moves a jingle of moving metal is heard. All servants recoiled in fear. Chernomor is scared too, but tries not to show it. He puts on his cap. The dragon three times turned left and turned into a dark knight in which can be guessed a Knights Templier, but it is not so obvious. He has a picture of two headed eagle with a crown.
The knight

Hail, dear colleague whom we honored for long time!

Chernomor discreetly nodded.

The knight

Lets leave our feuds, brother, they only disturb our common business!

It was not me, it was you, who first have violated the terms of our agreement.

Chernomor  picked up his beard, slid sideways off the bed and walked to the knight.  They walked together along the gallery. Chernomor is much lower than the knight, but he lifts his chin, and it makes him to look taller.

The knight

You are ruling here alone, and we have lots of faction with their own interests, so there are differences.

What brought you to me, respectable knight?

Soothingly asks Chernomor.

The knight

On Earth, among the fellows have no one left that can provide us with resistance, but there is Finn with his team, they are out of reach, and we cannot get them and destroy.

Chernomor nervously shook his beard.

The knight

You are in danger. Finn is a strong and artful enemy. He prepares a trap for you.

Chernomor, obviously summoning up courage

I am not afraid of dark intrigues. Chernomor is blessed with this fertile beard. Till a hostile sword does not cut this grey hair beard, none of dashing heroes, no mortal would ruin the least of my intentions.

The king grind.

Have you learned this eastern florid style of speaking when you were the Tsar in Egypt?

Chernomor dissatisfied looked at the knight, he was continuing

It is tough times, the Black Widow demands more and more of material. And during change of the space epoch, everything is so uncertain and shaky. We must together to stay in power on this pathetic planet and eliminate all their opponents.



For me our union is precious. We shame the treachery of Finn.

And he gave his hand to the knight. The knight shakes it. Then approaches to a window jumps, hurriedly turns to the Dragon and departs on the West, in sunset.
You need to find a horse. Lets go.

They were walking through the forest, and came to the meadow where horses were grazed. They sat down.

These horses are not afraid of people, but you need to Your horse, to feel it.

Finn gives Lel a small bridle.

Your Horse will want itself you to put it on.

Lel took the bridle and walks across the meadow, the horses are peacefully grazed their whole herd of different color. He walks past them, they are looking at him without fear. He approached one of the horses, stood and looked at it and tried to put on the bridle. But it stepped back and moved away. Lel is trying to do the same with the other the same result.

Couple of times with the same result. Finally he sees one standing at some distance, a horse of black color. He approached horse, stroke its rump and it has not moved. Lel puts on it the bridle. It doesn't move. Then Lel jumps on it, the Horse joyfully reared and galloped off. Finally, after galloping through forest, field, he returned to the spot where Finn was standing.
Now listen to me carefully very seriously began Finn.
You have to find Osiris. You will go through the Manifested World, because you cannot reach him from this world. Osiris went to his own kingdom from the Manifested World, so you need to get there through it also. He will tell you everything about Chernomor.

And you will need a sword.  It is with Osiris now.  How everything will turn out, I do not know, but you the one who needs to go. It is not my time yet and not my world, it is yours. My part will start later because it has started earlier. Osiris is sleeping now, when you find him, whisper in his ear Isida.

Here is your horn, when you will need help, just blow!  Lel sat on horseback


Good luck!

And he hits the hors on the rump, the rushes it kicks up, and rushes into a gallop.
Lel rides and finds a cave. It is covered with some fog. He resolutely goes through it. It closes behind him. He slowly picking his way through the cave even has to bend down. There is light ahead, and another veil with fog. He breaks it, and jumps out of the cave from other side.

There are bushes, vines, and when he emerged from the cave, it closed up, as if there was no exit.

Lel rides along rural road. There is a village or a small town ahead.  There is a cemetery on the outskirts of the streets, there is a solid fence of black crosses, and many of them were lop-sided. He enters the city. There is mud knee-deep. All peoples face are some kind of gray color, they are depressed, sad, lots of drunks, some of them lying in the dirt, a fight between drunks at the tavern. Some of people angrily and suspiciously look at the rider.

The only beautiful building is a church. The rest of them are grey, dirty and unattractive.
There is huge contrast to what was in the White Arktida.
Lel rode through the city, and went to the steep river bank. He looks around the neighborhood. Nature there is still beautiful. Suddenly, from behind noise of stamping hoofs was heard. Another horseman overtook him. He is similar to the soldier of the Prince, who has killed the White Tsarina.

Hey, wait a minute, - he tells Lel, - who are you? From where have you come? Where are you going?

Most probably it is the police officer, who was reported on a strange non-local traveler. Lel is not responding, trying to assess the situation.
You are not one of us, - suspiciously says the soldier, - and you dont have any cross on you.
He was armed so he was feeling confident. He rode to Lels side and took his horse by the bridle.

Stand still!
The soldier pulled the sword from his scabbard.
You are making big mistake!
Calmly said Lel.

What? You are threatening me?

The soldier jumped off his horse, holding it by its bridle. 
Come on, get off the horse, or I will cut veins of your horse.
has jumped off  from a horse and quietly walked over to the soldier. He made a few subtle movements, and the soldier flew away.

What are you doing? with anxiety and threat began talking the soldier, avoiding him and trying to attack on the other side. He began with a sword attack. The fight began. The soldier beats with a sword, but all the time Lel masterfully dodging.

He does short striking blows, and his opponent flies away a few steps but persistently again comes back.

The soldier cannot understand how an unarmed man prevails against him, armed one?  The fight is getting hotter. The soldier has already flown into a rage. He sniffs and there is some blood on his face, he looks like a beast, attacking again and again and still cannot strike Lel.

Finally Lel makes masterly twisting movement by a body and snatches out a sword. Now he is with a sword, and the soldier without. He stands on the precipice. Lel stands quietly, holding his sword directly on him. He can leave, but he rushes on Lel runs on a sword. Then he begins to move back with a sword, having grasped with his hands, he falls from a cliff.
"Dog" contemptuously throws Lel, masterly sat on his horse and rides to the horizon. Lel rides for a long time, until finally he reached some mysterious forest.

He has passed the dark forest;
Before him opened a wide field with a morning glaze of morning skies.

He goes to the field, which is covered with killed soldiers. There are low lead clouds in the sky.  Absolute silence. No movements. Everything has become covered by a dust of centuries. Many skeletons have turned to ashes and are scattered from knocks of hoofs. He sees the old battle field.
All is in the distance empty; here and there
Bones turn yellow; on hills
Quivers, armor are scattered;
Where a harness, where rusted a board;
In hand bones here the sword lies;
Grass the helmet shaggy has acquired there,
And the old skull decays in it;
The athlete there a skeleton whole
With his prostrate horse lying motionless,
Arrows plunged into the damp earth, and
The peaceful ivy chokes them
Nothing silent silence wilderness is not perturbed.

He dismounts and looking for a suit of armor. At first he found chain armor, put it on, then the helmet, and next   a shield with an eagle.
He moves further and the ruins of the ancient civilizations started to appear on the sides. t. Roman, Greek, Persian they are recognizable by buildings the Coliseum, the Parthenon, the Ishtar Gate but all is dilapidated, on all the print of desolation. There is not a soul. Lel finally reaches the ruins of Egypt.

He enters these torn down temples - everywhere there is dust, debris, fallen statues. He enters the temple.  There is a dim light from the above. There is dust till ankle. In the depths of the temple there is a statue of Osiris. It is covered with dust and debris till its shoulders.  There are two feathers about its head.
He sleeps. Lel went up to him, got up, crept to his ear and whispered:  "Isida". At first, nothing has happened. Lel jumped down and looked at the Head. Shaking started, the temple has begun to shake, something began to fall from above, and the statue came to life.

siris slowly opened his eyes,  Who has dared to disturb me? - the thunderous voice was distributed. Osiris saw Lel. It is you, impudent? And you in addition also the mortal! If you do not have enough reason to wake me up, I for such impudence will incinerate you! - and eyes of Osiris began to be poured by fire.

Hey, wait a minute! I have a reason! We have a common enemy with you. Chernomor!

Eyes of Osiris were filled by hatred. Chernomor! I knew him under a name of Seth. He was the Supreme Priest in my Kingdom. Do you want to listen about him? You want to crash about it? Listen to my sad story .
Osiris from the statue turns to live tsar, and we are transported to ancient Egypt, even more ancient than the era of the Pharaohs. Pharaohs and Isida sit on the Throne. She sits from his right side They accept ambassadors.

Pictures follow one another through the fog and the paintings themselves somewhat vague. We see Chernomor in clothes of the Egyptian priest, his beard is shorter, but as a whole appearance the same. He is sitting over some scrolls. Arcane 15 Typhon.
The following scene of Osiris and Chernomor walk along garden gallery and  Chernomor whispers:
I in black books have found,
That behind east mountains,
On silent exhausting coast,
In a deaf cellar, under locks
The sword - and what is stored? Fear!
I have disassembled in darkness magic,
That as the fates decree the hostile
This sword will be known to us;
That it both will ruin us:
To me my beard will chop off,
To you head; judge yourself
How important to purchase
this creature of evil spirits!

Osiris answers him:
"Well, where are difficulties to do it? I am ready to go even to the end of the earth".

The next scene. Chernomor and Osiris are in some ancient temple facing the opening between two columns Chernomor gets the magic powder from the bag, throws it into the doorway and there a dark passage opens. They go to it, and find themselves in a deserted area. It is obvious that they are in other space.

Light, the nature everything indicates they it is a different world. They go to the mountains, valley and appear on the seacoast. The sea is calm, almost like a mirror. On seacoast there is a Sphinx and looks at the heavenly sun. The sphinx in the form similar to the Egyptian, but it is not the Sphinx, when they come near it, they saw that the Sphinx has a woman's face.
Between the paws of the Sphinx they found out the passage, which is covered with a translucent wall that is produces smooth hum as power generated station.
Chernomor tried to pass, but he was thrown, so much that he fall on his bum.

Only you, the Great Tsar, can pass - noted the rising Chernomor.

Osiris went to the wall, touched it and it broke under his hand iridescence. Then he was pushing with his hand inside, and then other wall, and began with an effort to push the wall. It has given in and moved apart.

They entered the passage between the Sphinx paws and they found the room, basement, littered with fallen leaves of palm tree. Osiris scattered the leaves and on the bottom on a small pedestal flashed the sword a crescent sword Khopesh.
When Osiris took it in his hand, it hummed and glowed.

We see now again Egypt and Osiris kingdom. There is a feast. Chernomor-Seth sits from the left of Osiris. On the other side of Osiris sits Isida. Chernomor whispers Oh, great tsar! I have proved you the devotion, but I am willing to do for you even more!
- Speak! -

Your Highness! Listen! You are great, but the Tsar on the Earth even the greatest  tsar can't avoid death - Osiris has frowned, - Yes, it so, unfortunately - It can be avoided! You can become Immortal God, and I have made for you a surprising sarcophagus who lays down in it, finds immortality! -

So lead me!.

Isida: Tsar, don't go! I have a bad feeling! Better stay with me.

Seth in the ear of Osiris the Tsarina doesn't want that you will become stronger than her in Magic!
Osiris is firm We will go!
They in already in a temple. Together with Osiris and Chernomor came people of Osiris and Isida. This is underground room, illuminated with torches. In the of the room on a small hill stands the ornate gold sarcophagus. It is open and it has a hinged cover.

In this round room on the perimeter there are 72 priests in dark black-lilac clothes and half closed faces. Osiris looked inquiringly.

Chernomor: These are my servants, It is my servants, 72 junior priests, they will assist you in the Great Transition!

Osiris walked around the sarcophagus, touched it, and stroked it on the sides. Then he climbed up an eminence, has stepped in a sarcophagus, for the last time has looked at Isida and has laid down in it.

Above him the smiling face of Chernomor Happy Return! O, great Tsar!

And two of his attendants close with much effort the sarcophagus cover. We see through the eyes of Osiris how the cover is closing and there comes full darkness. A moment of silence.
Chernomor as if it was planned, touches the handle on the lid of the sarcophanogus, which was not visible before.  Close-ups we see  that it is the handle from that Khopesh. This handle is at level of a neck of Osiris. Chernomor sharply but firmly turns the handle on a groove in a sarcophagus lid, so it passes a semicircle.

The sarcophagus begins to beat!  It is agony, or more true is a post mortal agony of Osiris because his head is already cut. People of Osiris suspected something wrong, bared swords, and have rushed to rescue the Tsarina Isida, but priests of Seth were on call they have bared the hidden daggers and have there and then killed the first who has tried to break to a sarcophagus.

Treason! - people of Osiris have cried, and guards of Isida surrounded her and took her out of the basement.

Chernomor is no longer pay attention to it. He is triumphant. His servants open the lid and we see the body of Osiris with the cut head in a blood pool. Chernomor  pulls out of the grooves skillfully installed Khopesh from which drip drops of blood of the Tsar.
The next shot Seth Chernomor sits on the throne of the King of Egypt. In his hand there is a baton Uas. The video camera drives off back in front of him in the throne room kneeled younger priest in black-lilac, further all other obedient people mostly in white.
Again we see a statue of Osiris. There is silence for a short time.

O knight! You are kept safe by fate,
Take this sword, and god is with you!
Perhaps, on the way
You will meet the dwarf-magician -
Oh, if you notice it,
Deceit, malice revenge!
And finally I will be happy and leave this world quietly.
Under the statue of Osiris there is a pedestal, and it starts to open some hidden opens the locks. The sand is pouring. The lid opens and the in the depths of the stone box flashed Khopesh. Lel approached it, took it, and immediately it whistled in his hands.

All power of Chernomor is in his beard, - again said Osiris, - and only this sword can cut his beard.

Farewell, the great Tsar, I thank you - Lel told with bow.

"Go" - has whispered Osiris and again closed his eyes.

Lel is already in our world. He stopped in the middle of a filed. He took out Khopesh, looked at it and it at once got lit. Lel made some crescent movements and saw how the grass and small trees at a distance of half of a mile from him fall as knocked down. He carefully wrapped the sword and tied it behind his back. After that, spurred his horse and galloped at full speed to the north.
Council. There is a council of the magicians on a large meadow. But here are not just magicians, but also American Indian magicians, Taoists, the Tibetan llamas, druids, many women. In total 200 people. Finn stands and delivers a speech. This is the continuation of the speech, because everyone is already excited and there is heated discussion.

Friends, listen to me  Yes, we few but each of us costs to the whole Army. Who will we resist? Also the army but an army of biorobots, they are primitive and only execute programs installed in them.

"And Dragons? What if reinforcements of Dragons will arrive?  We would not plight."

-"the Brother Big Mountain promised to deal with the Dragons. It has a special account with them.

Finn said pointing to the large old North American Indian.  He silently nodded.

We have the Wizards, who own the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air - are powerful forces that can disperse any army.

All of this is good, said someone, - but what about the astral traps? If you are taken as a prisoner, they will torture you for thousand years.

There is such possibility the enemy is artful and more than once showed the unprecedented insidiousness, - the Finn has agreed, - thats why we do not force anyone, we need only volunteers.
Free choice of a free person .

Everybody is silent.  Serious thoughts.

Of course, I understand, - the Finn continued after a pause,  - many of you at the cost of great work achieved immortality, and now have the opportunity to live in other, light worlds. And so it is very difficult to decide to sacrifice this precious immortality.

But think about this when you will be asked about what has happened with your native planet?  What will you answer?  That you got everything what you wanted from it and threw it deserted, escaped, giving it at mercy of predators and parasites
Will you be after that respected? Will you respect yourself after that?

There is silence.

Now we all will disperse. And let everyone to consider and make a choice.

Anyone who does not want to engage in a battle is free to leave this Council, but in that case he had no right to return to earth in any capacity. For those who remain we must and we can drive out the invaders from our planet, we must and can punish them for all the atrocities, we must and can restore the Great Ring of Life. And we will do it!
A gloomy northern morning. Lead clouds hang over the earth. The tower top disappears in height behind clouds. Lel from the top of the nearby mountain examines a field of forthcoming fight. Round the Tower some defensive boundaries, on each boundary an arm. For now they lazy stroll and it seems there are not many of them.

Lel began riding downhill. He is noticed. So far there is no alarm, but the soldiers on forward boundary have begun to worry, and bewildered examine the lonely soldier. Soldiers are all alike in the same uniform. Everyone has the Pentagram on the chest. Lel is in armor. He has a helmet, a shield and in his hand a sword, but not the one who gave him the Osiris.

That sword is hidden behind the back, under a raincoat and only its handle is visible over the right shoulder. Lel stopped and blew the horn. The trumpet voice was powerfully carried through the entire valley. Chernomor in his room as always recline on his throne. When he heard the sound of horn, he literally jumped out it, and in extreme alarm, picked his beard, started running in the throne-room.
He from the top tries to make out something of what going on down, but he cannot see anything. Meanwhile, tower guards, having heard a horn sound, at once has woken up and from all doors soldiers began to pour out and to fill defensive boundaries.
Intense silence. The guards do understand anything. And suddenly, out of all the surrounding hills began to appear magicians.

But the guards feel very confidently behind defensive walls. In front of them just a handful of magicians. And they are thousand times more. And their weapons are not even visible!  One of the magicians, who work with the elements of the Earth, began to shake the earth. He makes some kind of squats, springs to his feet, and the earth under his feet becomes unsteady and goes low waves on defensive walls. And when they reached the defensive walls, the walls began to heel and plunge into the earth.  Soldiers began randomly and chaotically jump off the walls and run.
Commanders shout something to them trying to put everything in order. Other Magician who works with the element of Water, standing on the shore, ran his hand through the water and picked up a big wave that overflowed some part of an army. When water has covered them, he began to blow on the water his frosty breath, and it immediately turned to ice, freezing to death a whole regiment.

The troops are in panic, but from the tower more new soldiers pour out. They are organized in a fighting order, and there has already begun melee battle. Magicians penetrate into the middle of the army, and there is immediately formed a mountain of corpses. A fierce slaughter has started. The magician who works with the elements of the Earth still shakes the earth and knocks down the whole battalions.

Guards of the Tower are very furious, they are skillful in fights, but here they have met the unprecedented opponent. They kill the attacker, but that for some reason doesn't fall, and disappears, and on his place appears just the same and continues fighting. This puts them in their confusion and fear. The battle continues.
At this time Chernomor was told that things were bad. He ran to the phone, shook his turned its handle and began shouting something into it. Then he threw it and again ran to the Tower edge, trying to see what was going on below.

Number of corpses grows, number of defense ranks begin got thaw. A magician, who works with the elements of Fire, throws small fiery spheres towards an army, and they turn into a broad ban of fire, from which all the army jumps aside, knocking each other down.
The fight goes on, when suddenly someone shouts  - Dragons!.

And Chernomor from the throne-room, triumphantly sees from the West to the battlefield is approaching a squadron of black Dragons. Everyone see them. A Native American, who is called the Big Mountain, stands on a hillock and begins his dance. 

E rotates on the same place, slightly bending his knees and waving outstretched arms. From under the fringe of his arms begin to form small whirlwinds of dust, which he seems to be thrown forward with each rotation to meet the squadron.

These whirlwinds start to expand to the clouds and turn to the huge tornadoes which are terribly roaring and speeding up. These tornadoes are becoming more and more because with each turn from under hands of the Big Mountain all new whirlwinds are shot.
And now Chernomor sees how Dragons and tornados come closer to each other. First Dragons immediately fall into the tornado tunnel, their wings are broken like if made of paper and they are rapidly tightened inside. So the entire first echelon of the Dragons has been destroyed. Other Dragons immediately turned back.

This resulted in extreme frustration and anger of Chernomor and gave joy to the magicians. The Tower defense has trembled and began to recede. Chernomor grabbed from the wall a mace hanging there. It is time for him to join the battle.

And where is Finn? We see an oak under which the Finn in the Lotus pose sits. His eyes are closed,  he holds in his hands a vajra and bell, and works with these magical tools. It is becoming clear that he leads a fight.
At the bottom magicians almost finishes depleted army. Suddenly they began to hit the Mace. The attacker cannot be seen  he is in a cloud of fog.  But Chernomor strikes powerfully under its blows magicians fall. Some can't rise. Its weapon is visible beats at many levels. The mace fell on Lel, but he managed to escape with a shield.

The second blow blew a shield in pieces.
At this point, the magicians, who work with the elements of Air, threw up the sparkling stars and the mist suddenly turned into snow, and attackers became visible. Lel  saw overhead a furious face of Chernomor. He raised his hand and hit Lel. From this blow Lel fell from his horse on the ground. But after that blow, the beard of Chernomor slung over his shoulder and hung.

Chernomor in the heat of attack does not notice, he does a new horrific blow, but it falls into the ground. Lel dodged and grabbed Chernomors beard. He wound it on his left hand. Chrnomor released the mace and grabbed his beard. Lel does not let it go, and keeps even stronger. Chernomor  began rise promptly upwards and Lel on its beard too.

They flew in a few moments at the top of the tower, and Chernomor  to pull Lel across the hall. Lel clung to the beard and doesnt let it go swapping and knocking everything and everyone on his way.

Servants, servants, here! - Chernomor roars, - kill him! Bodyguard of Chernomor attacks Lel who has already managed to get up and he fights back with the sword.

It is very difficult because he has only one free hand.
Guard soldiers waves their swords but the Chernomor shouts, - My beard!  I will kill anyone, who will touch it!!!!

Security is afraid to approach him and Lel have an advantage. He is waving his sword in fan motions, and throws opponents without releasing the beard which shakes Chernomor from side to side. He is trying to slow down, but slips on the smooth floor.

At this point, the vanguard of the magicians burst into the room and destroys the guards. They are uncontrollable. Guards are killed, they hides in the corners, at the same places are servants. Their eyes express horror. Chernomor and Lel left alone. Chernomor is snorting and making strange noises, his eyes filled with hatred and despair.

They appear on the edge of the Tower. And now Lel took out behind his back a Khopesh.

Do you recognize it?  Khopesh buzzed and glowed. Lel holds it handle upwards, so that the blade bottom edge forward. Chernomor in horror begins to back away from Lel. Lel pulls the beard, and with one movement from the bottom up cuts it. Chernomor by inertia start to fall back and is thrown through a balustrade.

He starts to fall down. The video camera flies along with him. He starts to pull off all his precious dressing gowns. Why? Because in the process of the fall, he starts to turn into a reptile, just slightly different color than his colleagues from the West. He is of red-brown color with green shades. He tries to get rid of interfering clothes to release the wings.

They had actually disclosed. The wings like a pterodactyl, but he did not have time to wave them and slow down the falling. He is smashed over the stones and only a dirty wet spot of mucus left of him. Arcane 16 Tower.
Lel finished watching the falling from the top. He turned around the beard is still live and move. He picked up with Khopesh and tossed into the fireplace where it has flashed a bright flame.
At this time the rests of fights still proceed on Tower floors.

From its windows loopholes now and then fall out the soldiers and shouting fall down. Somewhere in the secret tunnels something is happening tow monks led by the hand one old and decrepit the High Priest. They brought him to a laying Dragon and pile him up on its back.


Then they open tunnel door of the tunnel and the dragon takes off from it.  It was seen in the Tower.
High Priest runs away! One of magician has shouted. Lada, which at that time was down, whistled, and immediately appears a unicorn with wings.
She masterly jumped on it and rushed in pursuit of the Dragon. They fly, the Unicorn catches up, the Dragon tries to vomit a flame, but the Unicorn dodges. It is smaller and more maneuverable. The High Priest clinging to its back and looks with fear at their pursuers.

Finally, after several maneuvers, Unicorn picked up speed, and stretching his neck, pierced dragon in the side with his horn. It began to wave his wings randomly and turning fell to the ground. When it fell, the High Priest fell down from it and rolled on the ground. Lada flew up, got over him and rose a spear over him.

This is for the White Tsarina, - and pinned him to the ground with a spear. He as an insect pinned on the needle, for some more time moved his limbs, and then died, spreading his arms in a form of a black cross. From above it will look like black Run of Chernoboga or Death. Hands are down the sides..
Finn opens his eyes - And now my game begins.

The next shot - Finn lies on the earth, as though having embraced her.
He whispers Mother the Earth, give me Forces. From above it will look like a white Runa Beloboga. Hands are upward and outward. Then he gets up and pulls out straight from the earth the hammer, puts it on his right shoulder and disappears. And at the very same time he appears in a hall of the High Priest.  There is everything quiet, but traces of the battle and audible sounds of it are outside and above. He was not paying attention to it at all, quickly and quietly goes for to the throne of High Priest and easily with his left hand opens a secret door. He goes the same way as the High Priest. And he went to the same place where the tent was standing.
From it on all sides are ropes web which have captured all Globe. Finn slightly jumps up, as the sportsman before running start, runs up and on the run starts to untwist the Hammer on the right side. When he rushes in the Tent, the Hammer appears over his head, and he with all his strength unleashes his attack on the breast of the Prince.

The figure scatters into thousands of small splinters. The slowed down shot of scattering splinters. The Earth shook as if an earthquake occurred. Then everything is silent and dust starts to settle. Suddenly the main thick hose behind the Throne starts to twitch, as if someone was moving on it. And from behind the curtain Shamakhanskaya Tsarina appears. Arcane 17 Star. She slowly goes forward and sees all It slowly passes forward and sees the whole debacle.
I have a little littered - says Finn, as if apologizing. The tsarina has passed the throne, indifferently looked at splinters and has started talking, already in a normal female deep voice, but all the same with accent.

Ah, this Prince. He was not capable of anything. He had to immediately be neutralized in order not do any stupid things.

- You had before a different voice, more exotic.

- I become more human

- Yes, after absorption so many human Souls you became more human. Your Deputies slaved away -

And these rude, greedy Loons they have to do what I did not order them: arrange wars among themselves, divide nations and people I wanted for long time to get rid of them

- Yes, right now there is a vacant place here. Finn dropped rest of the garbage from the Throne, brushed away dust and carelessly sat on it.
What an interesting cap - said Finn turning out in his hands a cap with the All-seeing eye, then he threw it away.

It will be yours. Yes, I have been looking for a ruler like you! - the Tsarina began to tempt  him, - you are wise and strong, just think how much you can do on this throne!

You will destroy all evil on the Earth, restore balance of the Nature, people under your control will live happily! I am not going to interfere! I promise! And she began slowly walking around the Throne as she did it earlier with the Prince. Yes, this is a tempting offer - answered Finn, as if unaware of her maneuvers.

You will the best God ever in the history of mankind! You will be honored and glorify and not from fear, but because they will sincerely love you!

He has already appeared behind the Throne and has already started to turn into the female spider. She has grown three more pairs of paws, and began to grow chelicerae of her mouth.

For only some twenty percent of the total turnover of the human souls. Eighty per cents will be yours. These are very good conditions! Your predecessors worked for a much lower percentage!
And then, when she was ready to plunge them into the skill of Finn, he easily jumped off the throne and took a couple steps forward, not looking back.
But you know it is not my level. The female spider returned again to the form of the Tsarina. He sits at the table, and she sits across from him.

Yes, I agree. I tested you. It is really not your level. The majority on your place would agree. But you are not the majority. I am ready to give you higher creature. I have one vacant position of the Director of Security Service in my Empire Think, what your new prospects will be!
Yes, but I am a Person, and you is a very different kind of tribe. Will we work well together? - Nonsense! In our area this does not matter! From which life form you have started your career. The main thing is the Power and Strength!
You see, when I said that this is not my level, I did not mean of a high position in your Empire My level it is YOU!!!  She understood at once that game is over, and sharply and briefly said You can't kill me. Before you there were heroes who already sprayed on atoms.

And you, during our last audience, I remember, havent shown miracles of heroism. You have escaped from my embrace and ran.

But I haven't spent in vain all this time. All these 12 thousand years that you are here boss, I have studied your habits.
She has laughed, leaning back

Ha-ha-ha, how flattering - such close attention to my person

And at the last sound of one of her legs turned into a pike, a sword which wield Terminator number 2, and made a devastating lightning piercing blow.

But Finn was ready and the blow hit his shield. The blade cut it and stopped about a millimeter from his heart. They have jumped aside from each other in different corners. The tsarina with each moment is becoming more and more the Female spider. While she was pulling her paw-sword out of the shield, Finn got a chance to pull out from behind two samurai swords. A super fight begins.

According to the plan, it should be better than anything else that was before in cinema. The idea is the Tsarina is already on 90 % the Female spider, and she fights with 4 top limbs which turn into peaks-swords, sharp sickles, axes halberds. And she strikes blows at breakneck pace.

And Finn beats her strokes, wielding two swords at the same incredible pace. But he has an advantage because he can move his arms in deferent directions and he is more mobile, while the Female spider strikes basically crescent and pricking blows.
They shredded in an instant all he magnificent luxury of the tent, the very heated fight was continuing. She forced him outside the tent, and now the fight continues on the open space. She is almost in 1,5 times higher than him, but he is evasive and making a twisting body feint, he cut her lower limb.

She turned round on the spot as it is done by the wounded spiders. He managed to cut her another upper limb. Then she falling from side to side, rushed into the tent, knocking everything on her way, and disappeared behind the curtain.  But Finn did not stop!
Finn quickly ran after her and dives jumped into a portal, which was already closed.
The note. The further scene occurs in the Astral, not in physical space. It is arranged a bit differently, so number of physical laws there either operate differently, or don't operate at all. However the author makes the assumption that gravitation of Black Holes operates also on Astral objects.

In the Astral space there is dim blue light. The black hole does not look in the Astral the same as in physical space. Here it is not seen at all, only heated gases round it are visible. In the Astral it looks as the black small sun surrounded by shining burned down matter, which is drawn by gravitation.
Arcane 18 Moon. Inside it there was a huge ellipsoidal tunnel, stretching into a space, along it stretching hoses and pipes. Finn only managed to see the fleeing away Female Spider, when a network web was thrown on him. 

Hundreds of black shaggy spiders of different size began to throw a cobweb on him, clung to him from all sides, and soon he was fully diapered, and they continued to shoot the web at him. It seemed that everything was over. But suddenly this cocoon is cut from within with sharp as the razor, knifes and axes. They move from the within in different directions and cut the cobwebs in shreds.
When all networks fell, it turns out that Finn was not there, and instead of him, there is a tangle of axes directed in all directions. This terrible machine begins to rotate and dissect as a chopper everything within range, and moves with great speed.

All spiders that were nearby were ripped and shredded. Their paws, heads are scatter in different directions.  Spiders from different directions rush to this ball of axes, but only moving limbs are left of them. When the majority of spiders have been finished, Finn has again regained his human form, and making giant stride, starts to chase the Female spider.

They run for long time. She stumbles, because without two limbs, her run is not smoth, she is thrown from side to side.
They are inside an intermediate station like this.

When Finn rushed inside the station, the Female spider has shot at him a web from her glands. The web was twisted round the Finn. You are caught - again a sepulchral voice the Female spider has triumphantly growled nobody was able to break my web.

We will see who caught whom - silently to himself said Finn. The female spider began to chase Finn on all these pipes, and he escapes from her and reels up a heavy-duty web on all these designs.
For now it is absolutely unclear why he does it. He looks all time somewhere downwards. He was already almost caught, but he suddenly jumps down as on the bungee and flies quickly head down to the Black Sun. It is impenetrable black disk surrounded by glowing crown.

When he flies that object, he starts to fly over it on parabola path and the web starts to be drawn to this Black Sun. First slowly, then instantly the web starts to be pulled inside.

Welcome to the Black hole, madam - Finn managed to whisper before the Black Hole started promptly drew him into it. He tries to cut the web, but no avail. He is rapidly speeds p, falls beyond the horizon of events and disappears from the view.
The web is rapidly moves in and drags the entire structure. Thef terrible sounds of torn titanic designs, the sounds similar to how "Titanic" in Cameron's film broke in two are heard.

The female spider, seeing this terrifying drawing in and realizing the danger, threw her own web and started frantically running away from the Black Hole.

She jumps from a pipe to a pipe, but retraction prompter and prompter. From all corners of the space at one point a huge spiders web, a huge structure designs, the whole worlds is pulled together, and all that interfere with her several time. She is knocked down, she jumps again, but in vain, another tube drags her along with it and all of that fall into the Black Hole.

It can be seen how from all directions web is pulled in with a monstrous gravitation, all web was wrapped around an orbit, and a few moments later hanging out on in a shape of a dark ball of threads, then the Black Hole sharply draws in all of this and dropping of all this substance leads to a blinding flash. That is all
We see the Tower again. Arcane 19  the Sun. the battle has already ended. Lel and some magicians are inside the tower. There is a monstrous iron gates in the Tower. There are crosses, half moons, pentagrams on the gates. 

An option: on the shutters of the gates there are three-dimensional images of spiders and crosses, pentagrams are on sides of the gates. Magicians hardly push a huge bolt, and the gate creaked heavily opened.

They go inside, there is a round, dark stone hall on the perimeter of which there are many similar gates, but only smaller. They open a bolt at one of the gates. The gate creaked open.

They looked inside and were terrified by the stretching in the infinite darkness a basement all is filled with human bones and skulls. The video camera flies over this cemetery and no end is visible. There are millions of skeletons are here. Many of them have already decayed. There is cobwebs and dust everywhere.  They open the next gate and see the same startling picture.  Behind the next gate is the same terrifying picture.
They opened almost all the gates and there are skeletons and bones everywhere. Finally, they open the last gate and see stretching into infinity darkness a basement, where crowded, tightly packed like sardines, packed with people. Actually only grey faces are visible, full of the horror and suffering. They are silent.

When the gate opened, all of them began to turn to the light and with fear or hope to look at the figures which have appeared in rays of light. A moments silence. Lel and the magicians are shocked by what they saw. People in the basement are motionless and wait for what comes next. Then Lel lifted the Horn with which he called Chernomor into the battle and blew again.
The basement walls began to shake. And then the front-men in the basement leaned forward. And when they began to step over the threshold, they began to turn into swans and pigeons. And they began to fly up to the sky. And this stream seems to be endless.

This stream took outside Lel and his companions, and they are fascinated and look at this rive of life. Millions of birds, a wide stream literally poured out of the basement and soar up in the sky. Arcane 20 Revival.

One of them, having soared up, has suddenly turned back and has flown up to Lel. And here we already see the Tsarevna. She rushes to embraces Lel. He hugs her.  At this time the clouds begin to dissipate, and a ray of the Sun flashed.
In the top floors of the Tower still there were servants. They thrash on these floors without knowing what to do. They fall on their knees, cry out to God, tear their clothes, and tear their hair.

An exterior shot: everybody who participated in the battle is standing on the mountain near the Tower.

Down at the very foundation of the mountain there are two magicians, the man and the woman, young and beautiful, holding together a small pine log, rocking the black stone from the foundation. This is the cornerstone. When it finally fell out, they were rapidly running away from the Tower because it began to fall. It cracked somewhere in the middle.

Then there were more and more cracks, and the Tower top began to fall vertically downwards.  And the falling is steeper and steeper.  Finally, the top has falled down and buried the entire tower from which there was only a giant pile of fragments and dust.
Lel is on the horse back, holding in his arms Swan Princess, comes to his native home. He gets down, takes off Princess from the horse back, and together they go to the house. His Mother goes to meet them. She hungs him.

You are back!

Then she embraces them both. Near them the dog named Sokolko happily barking and running around them.  Arcane 21 The Universe. The world. The Piece.
The End. The continuation or development of this Arcane. There is huge gathering of people. Everybody are joyful, happy, many of them have wreaths made of flowers and grass on their heads. Lel puts on a ring on a finger of his Soul Princess. They embrace.


The holiday begins. These are the Irish dances. Musicians play, dancers dance, dashingly, fiercely, magically. Dancing girls hair are loose. Here there is Lel with the Tsarevna and magicians who participated in the fight. Lot of people of different nations. In the middle of it there is the Throne from plants and flowers on which Mother Bereginja sits.
We see the Irish dances by eyes of spectators. They look at dances, we see only their heads. And suddenly, we notice a familiar silhouette. Is this Finn or not? This person joyfully claps to dancers movements, but we do not see the face of the person.

Finally apotheosis. The video camera rises high and we see a panorama of the beautiful Earth.
Announcers voice :
Never betray a Mother who has given birth to you

Instead of title  " The End",
the title 


Ulis ():

The Testament of  Finn

Finn's Legacy! - it's much better.
The Legacy of the FINN!

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